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Analyzing Router Platforms

My goal here was inspired by seeing the many sites implementing public source/firmwares for assorted routers (besides other devices). I had wanted to add my own ideas and modifications into my own router, such as for I/O Devices, and possibly use it for a developement platform. After studying some of these, I found it a major task (needing to compile the whole router system firmware under Linux -varying about 100MB).

My goal is to develop a simple Assembler and C-Compiler for these Platforms. So that developers can compile patches to quickly embed into their own Platforms using Serial-Port or JTAG.

Kendin KX8695 Processor

Chips found :
* Cpu : Kendin ks8695 - ARM 922T MIPS
* Ram : is42s16400A-7t SDRAM 1Mx4bankx16bit
* Flash 29Lv800btc-90 524Kx16

* JTAG pads : 'ICE'
* Serial : 'UART0'

RP614v2 Router Web Page
Kendin ks8695 Processor Web Page

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Note: All of the notes here are taken from unfinished Analysis, and may include Inaccuracies or Errors or missing info. No resposibility or guarantee are assumed from Info on this page nor from the author.

Help would be appreciated
Looking for Binaries such as Bootloader for analysis. Also looking for specs for CPUs in these these Routers, including OpCodes for the Assembler. The Assemblers and C-Compilers are hoped to be posted here in the future.

Any Questions: