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JLC Robotics

The MegaMegaProcessor - MegaMegaComputer !

Our MegaMegaComputer PCs will Available in 2011 !

* MegaMegaDesktop PC *

* MegaMega-Motherboard *

* MegaMegaLaptop PC *

Speed = 100GHz to 1THz (Terrahertz)

... Coming in 2011 ! ...

- - > The The MegaMegaProcessor - will be Available soon !

Speed = ~ 100 GHz

Coming by end of 2010 ! ...


The MegaMegaProcessor. This is Not a Parallel Processing CPU/Processor.
This is a new CPU/Processor Architecture (from years of R&D Research) designed for high-speed single Program Execution. This Processor also uses MultiTasks -and notably better than most PCs, better and smoother Tasks switching - no 'hickups' or 'stalls' like the Mouse and Windows because of I/O Devices or New Tasks.

This Processor is SO FAST that it does Not Need or use any I/O Cards or I/O Chips. Such devices as ETHERNET, multiple VGA MONITORS, DISKDRIVES can be directly attached and used with the Processor -that are fully functional just by BIT-BANGING -and faster than any PC can deliver ! These Devices are directly connected to the Processor. This minimizes Motherboard usage/space. And Believe It(!) -that this actually makes the Device Access FASTER and the Processor FASTER -by Removing all of the BOTTLENECKS of Devices I/O and Handshaking. Actually, All of these Devices use less than 10% of the Total System Resources and Power.

Sound like a miracle ? Not at all - it is here today !
... And it is being tested and prepared for Manufacture and Sales now ...
Just a better integrated (and DESIGNED) CPU Architecture.
.. By using the latest Semiconductor Design and Architecting.

* The PROCESSOR is currently COMPLETE and FUNCTIONING at 20GHz.

* New PROTOTYPES are now being BUILT and TESTED at close to 100 Ghz.

* Plans and Prototypes are being Designed and started now
for 400GHz -to- 1.6THz (thats 1600 GHz) !

JLC Robotocs - Our Company Page -> jlc.iwarp.c- -> Keep-an-eye-open on our NEWS for UPDATES ...

... More info SOON !

Look here for BLOG on the MegaMegaProcessor & PC for Questions and Info ...

Please place any inquiries to:

HOOBS Chip !

Our NEW Chip will be Available soon !

Coming in 2010 ! ...

- - > The HOOBS Chip/Board

... More info SOON !

Fastest Processors in the World :

1) JLC Robotics MegaMegaProcessor - 20.0 GHz - 100.0 GHz
2) Intel lighting-fast Core i7 980X - 4.4 GHz
3) Intel Core i7-975 - 3.33 GHz
4) AMD Phenom II X4 955 CPU - 3.2 GHz
5) Apple MacBook Pro Core i7 - 2.66 GHz
6) Mobile Snapdragon Processor - 1.5 GHz

Kingston 2400MHz HyperX Memory - 2.4 GHz